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The following one-act plays comprise the Two Men in a Room Anthology:

A years-long investigation has led a short-seller to publish an expose and tank the market on a company's stock. With the stock dive playing out in real-time, he takes an interview with a journalist. As the fallout of his actions fall into place, he realises that the innocuous journalist he is speaking with has far more personal reasons for taking an interest in his actions.

D U N C A N   2 0 2 0

In the confines of a farmhouse in rural Ohio, Carl Duncan, the Senator for Ohio and a rising star in the Democratic Party, has returned to his roots to reveal a monumental decision. However, friendship and ambition are put to the test when the past reveals an ugliness that threatens to throw proceedings off track.


Reeling from the sexual abuse and death of his daughter by another man, a grieving father decides to enact his own act of redress in order to come to terms with his grief and anger.

Two soldiers on the opposite side of a civil war find themselves imprisoned in the same basement, one a Prisoner of War, the other as a presumed spy.

A single father in Manhattan calls an escort to his house in search of something more than what the escort can offer.

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