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S c r e e n p l a y s

Below are samples to different screenplays I have written. If you are interested in reading the entire screenplay, please feel free to contact me.

Currently Under Option

Having swindled and misled his clients, a financial broker and his family are kidnapped by a former client and held in a warehouse. In this cat-and-mouse back and forth, what seems like a man's simple plot for revenge becomes a far more nuanced deconstruction of a man's life that has caused pain to so many.

A family tries to come to terms with the death of the father. In trying to move on the daughters discover a secret that their father had long kept from the family. Traveling across the North-east USA to meet the others implicated in their father's secret, they try to reconcile how someone that was loved so deeply could have kept a secret from them for so long.

Grand Jury Prize 2016 - Best Screenplay at Rhode Island International Film Festival

A confident, homeless transgender woman falls in love with a street-wise, homeless former drug dealer. She is forced to navigate the dangerous backstreets of New York by employing the help of an ill-intentioned journalist.


A young teacher moves across the country to Los Angeles for a restart. Never quite finding his place, he befriends a young boy on his commute to work. As he begins to piece back together his life, the realities of the young boy's life begin to unravel. 

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