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D R I N K   I N   M O D E R A T I O N

Below are samples of plays I have written (or co-written). If you are interested in reading the entire play, please feel free to contact me.

Feature-length Play

DRINK IN MODERATION explores the underbelly of social media content moderation for the world's biggest social media platforms. It charts the story of Leo, a recent grad, as he navigates the moral quagmire of moderating what does and does not get published on the those sites. 

One-Act Anthology

A five-part, two actor anthology exploring the the execution of male power, the abuse of that power, and the obligation of other men to hold those who abuse power to account. Each part explores distinct worlds – the financial, the political, the familial, for example – in an effort to challenge the exercise of power in those scenarios.

Feature-length Play

In a rural religious sect in America, a young girl falls foul to the abuse of a charismatic elder in the congregation. 10 years later she comes back to confront her father of his inaction and the fallout of her shunning from the community.

Feature-length Play

The true story of the greatest con-artist in history. From the Napoleonic Battlefields in France to the outposts of the Venezuelan revolution, MacGregor crafted and cultivated his skills to pull one of the most audacious tricks the world has ever seen. 

Short Play

1817. Amelia Island, Florida. The soon-to-be state as in disarray and one small island off the Atlantic coast become home to six factions in as many months. THE FLAGMAKER explores the farcical turn of events that involved self-aggrandized kings, national agreements and a small town that was all at once six different "nationalities" and none at the same time.

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